XtremeSculptor Fat burning syrup

XtremeSculptor Fat burning syrup

XtremeSculptor Fat burning syrup-English


Green tea: increases metabolic function, burns fat and eliminates oxidants in the body

L Carnitine: transports fat to the mitochondria to be broken down and excreted from the body

Cayenne pepper extract: stimulates circulation, lowers acidity and stimulates intestines to produce enzymes needed to break down food

Caffeinne Anhydrous: increases metabolic functions, suppresses appetite and heightens energy levels

Raspberry Ketones: breaks down fat in body cells and increases the metabolizing of stored fat to energy

Clients see results within their first week and on average lose 12 to 16 in 4 weeks using both products or 8 to 12 kg in 4 weeks using either the capsules or tonic (syrup).

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Xtreme Sculptor Fat burner-English

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